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"Facts and Knowledge, that can lead to commercial benefits of a company's material and immaterial business conditions, created by the application of mental and physical effort in order to achieve value".


(Univ.) Dipl.-Ing.
Peter Juncher Jensen

HC& Partners is owned by (Univ.) Dipl.-Ing. Peter Juncher Jensen

Take a look at his life course. This CV summarizes his work experience, education and his competencies.


Forecasting digital potentials in trade. Including improvements in purchasing power and thus also quality of life for many.


Oracle Sales and Partner Academy: After completing the course within Oracle Digital products give a Danish GOLD partnership option. In addition various Harvard University online courses as well as tests


Princeton University online: Introduction to astronomy, analytical combinatorics, medical neuroscience, basic behavioral neurology and nutrition to health promotion and disease prevention


Among others, also employment at
Oracle and Microsoft partner in Denmark, Logica,
SAS Institute


Aalborg University: Diploma Engineer in Export Technology Final thesis: Export market analysis of the French market for block machines in cooperation with KVM Industrimaskiner A/S

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