Kirk Acoustics Inc.

Kirk Acoustics Inc. - one of Europe's largest market for telephony - engaged me to make an export market analysis back in the late nineties. A 15-20 year plans around eg UMTS, where eg SMS and MMS and so on was invented as one of the options for smartphones and mobile phones using the UMTS standard for telephony and data.

KVM International A/S

My main thesis at the University was in collaboration with KVM International ApS and in the end gave this title: Univ. Dipl.-ing. Industries & Trade.

KVM designs, produces and services environmentally friendly and efficient process technology for the asphalt and concrete industry.

KVM works to ensure that customers, employees, suppliers and owners are treated a little better than the majority.

At the same time, KVM works with sustainable process technology for the asphalt and concrete industry to secure the future of society's infrastructure and buildings.

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