We find timeless Business Beauty and can be hired for short- and long term Business Contracts in principle Globally. In general your company or Institution will pay market price high-end for my Top-level Business Trade- and Engineering Consulting work. Leading to verbal- and written presentations of my business raison d'etres and final conclusions. Furthermore HC& Partners was through intense work with future securement of Businesses capable of conceptualizing new Trends nearly a decade ago in an market adaptable solution.


Soon Springtime is ready to take off.

Digital Business Trade Consulting

Business Analysis, Business Development, Advise on Digitalization, Innovation, Perspectivizations, Business Brainstormings, Future securement of your business on selected market places for your Business Activities

Engineering Consulting

Complex-Complicated Industrial Product Development, Product Design relections, Advisory Business Consulting and the lot.



As an example, we own a "plot of land" in Project Olympus, which aims to build homes on the moon - the material is moon dust.
If the project succeeds and there are buildings on the Moon, it will be the first human construction in space.

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